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Welcome to the world of nanotechnology, the most all-encompassing enabling technology of our time.  Currently it is a $200 billion industry, but it is projected to be a $1 trillion dollar industry by 2012 and a $2.4 trillion dollar industry by 2015.  All industries will in some way be affected by nanotechnology.

The Rushford Institute for Nanotechnology (RINTek) is playing a significant role in bringing nanotechnology to rural America.  This is not surprising since the American farmers with their self-assembled nanomachines (the seed) are the most advanced nanotechnologist in the world.  Nanotechnology is not new.  Nature has always used nanotechnology, and we are now finally starting to work where nature works: the nano-level.

Many more opportunities are also opening up now that Rushford Hypersonic, a nanotech based company, has formed.  Thus, the purpose of RINTek is already starting to be realized.


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 Announcements 3/24/2011:

Rushford Hypersonic receives NIH Grant

Follow the link above for more information.

What is RINTek?

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RINTek strives to develop relationships in order to foster the growth of nanotechnology in the area.  We do this by lectures, incubating businesses, establishing contacts at national, state, and local levels, and working with researchers in the industry. We also operate a public nanotech laboratory.


RINTek is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation headquartered in Rushford, Minnesota.


Revised 3/23/2013


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