Societal Impact

We are adding a new dimension to all technologies by working at the nano-scale.  This is where most technology works that until now has been inaccessible.  It is a world of Albert Einstein and quantum physics, allowing for incredible improvements in all technologies.

Nanotechnology affects all technologies so it will affect everyone’s lives.  It has sometimes been referred to as a “disruptive technology.” This can be both good and bad like a double edged sword. It will add a new dimension to competition.  Every company needs to have a plan on how to deal with nanotechnology.

The U.S. government, realizing the huge impact nanotechnology will have, formed the National Nanotechnology Initiative,, to educate and protect the public and to promote the field of nanotechnology so we can compete globally.  Many of RINTek’s programs have been modeled after the National Nanotechnology Initiative.

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